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Our Risk Assessments and Management services identify potential vulnerabilities in healthcare organizations and implement mitigation strategies. We offer Data Privacy and Security Training to staff, fostering a culture of health information security awareness.

Our Incident Response Planning prepares healthcare institutions for potential data breaches and attacks, ensuring swift and effective action. We also help healthcare industry organizations secure Electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI), protecting patient privacy and trust.

Proven results

We ensure our clients have access to state-of-the-art security technology and services, guaranteeing their cybersecurity needs are in capable hands.



We leverage our deep industry knowledge to safeguard data and prevent financial and reputational losses.


We provide comprehensive digital security solutions, protecting your organization's sensitive information.

The Team

Our skilled professionals collaborate with industry-leading security providers, fostering trust and confidence to handle cybersecurity needs effectively.

HIPAA Compliance Audits and Consulting

Ensuring adherence to patient data protection regulations and cyber security for healthcare organizations and health industry institutions.

Risk Assessments and Management

Identifying vulnerabilities and implementing mitigation strategies to safeguard your organization from cybersecurity threats and attacks.

Data Privacy and Security Training

Cultivating a culture of security awareness through comprehensive staff training.

Incident Response Planning

Swift and practical action plans for potential data breaches in many healthcare organizations and healthcare sector institutions.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Expert guidance to enhance digital security and protect access to sensitive information.

Implementing Privacy Programs in Support of Regulatory Compliance

Developing privacy initiatives to meet regulatory standards.

Legal Consulting

Professional legal guidance for navigating complex civil rights and legal matters.

vCISO Consulting

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services for robust cyber security strategies.

Management and Technology Consulting

Comprehensive support for effective management and technology integration.

The Solution

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Our Expertise

BD Emerson focuses on HIPAA Compliance Audits and Consulting, demonstrating our deep understanding of the intricacies of sensitive patient data protection regulations. Customers can trust that their services are tailored to the cyber security healthcare industry's unique needs, ensuring strict adherence to regulations and safeguarding sensitive patient information.


Practical Benefits and Positive Impact

We highlight our services' practical outcomes and benefits. You clearly understand the tangible advantages of partnering with BD Emerson by illustrating how our healthcare cybersecurity solutions positively impact patient data security and enhance healthcare institutions' reputations.


Comprehensive Security Solutions

BD Emerson's commitment to satisfying client needs is evident through our proactive Risk Assessments and Management approach. By identifying vulnerabilities and implementing mitigation strategies, we enhance the overall security posture of healthcare organizations. Additionally, our robust Incident Response Planning showcases the readiness to handle highly-sensitive data breaches swiftly, instilling confidence in our customer's ability to navigate challenges effectively and minimize potential damage.

BD Emerson will empower you with expert guidance, enhancing digital defenses and shielding your patients' sensitive data!

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Related Case Studies

Regional Medical Provider: From Breach Recovery to Fortified Security


As a leading regional medical provider, the healthcare company has always been committed to delivering top-notch medical services to its vast clientele. With a vast network of healthcare facilities and a reputation for excellence, the company's digital infrastructure is as crucial as its medical expertise. However, a recent security breach posed a significant challenge, emphasizing the need for enhanced privacy and controls in healthcare cybersecurity.

The Breach Challenge

The healthcare provider faced a dual challenge: firstly, the immediate need to address and remediate the security breach that had compromised patient data, and secondly, the imperative to bolster its digital defenses to prevent future cybersecurity incidents.

The Breach Solution

BD Emerson, with its expertise in cybersecurity, was brought on board to conduct a thorough investigation of the breach. Through a detailed forensic analysis, the team identified the breach's origin, the extent of data compromised, and potential vulnerabilities. Immediate steps were taken to contain the breach, notify affected parties, and initiate recovery procedures. Simultaneously, BD Emerson worked on strengthening the provider's digital infrastructure to ensure such breaches could be detected and mitigated faster in the future.

The Privacy & Security Challenge

Post-breach, the healthcare providers recognized the urgent need to overhaul its privacy and security controls. With patient data being of paramount importance in health sector, the company sought to implement a comprehensive framework that would safeguard sensitive health information and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

The Privacy & Security Solution

BD Emerson, leveraging its deep understanding of healthcare regulations and cybersecurity, designed a multi-layered architecture of cybersecurity for the healthcare providers. This involved the integration of advanced threat detection systems, regular security audits, and employee training programs. Furthermore, BD Emerson implemented robust data encryption, access controls, and regular backup procedures to ensure patient data remained confidential and secure.

  • Client Profile: A prominent regional medical provider with a vast network of healthcare facilities.
  • Client Requirements: Immediate breach remediation and the establishment of robust privacy and security controls.
  • Deliverables: Comprehensive breach investigation and recovery, along with the implementation of a state-of-the-art security framework.
  • Client Testimonial: "The security breach was a wake-up call for us. With BD Emerson's expertise, not only did we recover from the incident, but we also now have a robust security framework that gives our patients and us peace of mind." - CTO] at Regional Medical Provider.

Healthcare Company: Navigating HIPAA Compliance and Achieving HITRUST Certification


In the critical domain of healthcare sector, this company has always prioritized patient care and data protection. As a covered entity under HIPAA, the company recognized the importance of ensuring the utmost security and compliance of its patient data. To fortify its commitment to sensitive data and patient records protection, the company sought to undergo a comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment and subsequently achieve HITRUST certification.

The HIPAA Challenge

Being a covered entity under HIPAA, the company had a heightened responsibility to protect patient health information. The challenge was to conduct a thorough risk assessment and regular audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and address them proactively, ensuring compliance and preparing for the rigorous HITRUST certification process.

The HIPAA Solution

BD Emerson, with its deep expertise in healthcare compliance, partnered with the healthcare company to navigate the complexities of HIPAA:

  • Risk Assessment: BD Emerson conducted a comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment, identifying areas of potential vulnerability and recommending actionable solutions.
  • Vanta Control Plane: Leveraging Vanta as the control plane, BD Emerson was able to automate significant portions of the risk assessment process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
  • Remediation: Post-assessment, BD Emerson worked closely with the healthcare company to remediate identified issues, ensuring that the company not only complied with HIPAA but was also well-prepared for the HITRUST certification process.
  • HITRUST Certification: With the groundwork laid through the risk assessment and remediation processes, BD Emerson guided the company through the rigorous HITRUST certification, ensuring that every criterion was met and that the company was positioned as a leader in healthcare data protection.

The collaboration with BD Emerson was transformative for the healthcare company. Not only did they achieve full compliance with HIPAA, but the subsequent HITRUST certification further solidified their commitment to patient data protection. With these credentials, the company was able to enhance patient trust and position itself in industry as a leader in secure healthcare services.

  • Client Profile: A dedicated healthcare company known for its commitment to patient care and data protection.
  • Client Requirements: Comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment, remediation of identified vulnerabilities, and guidance through the HITRUST certification process.
  • Deliverables: Thorough risk assessment using Vanta as the control plane, actionable remediation strategies, and comprehensive guidance for HITRUST certification.
  • Client Testimonial: "BD Emerson's expertise was invaluable in our journey towards HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification. Their guidance ensured that we remained at the forefront of healthcare data protection, reinforcing our commitment to our patients." – COO at Healthcare Company.

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