BD Emerson & Civex: Pioneering GLBA-Compliant Application Architecture for Secure Civic Engagement


Civex, an innovative platform designed to enhance civic engagement through its native app, faced the challenge of ensuring that their product met the stringent requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) at launch. Recognizing the critical need for a foundational approach to security and privacy, Civex partnered with BD Emerson. This collaboration focused on integrating GLBA compliance into the application's architecture from the ground up, ensuring that Civex's product was not only compliant but also trusted by early customers for its security and privacy measures.



In the realm of civic technology, trust and privacy are paramount. Civex's ambition to provide a secure platform for civic engagement required a meticulous approach to application security, particularly in compliance with GLBA standards. The primary challenge was to embed GLBA compliance into the app's architecture during the development phase, avoiding the pitfalls of retrofitting security features post-development. Civex needed to launch rapidly without compromising on the security and privacy that their customers—entities handling sensitive information—demanded.



BD Emerson's strategic involvement with Civex encompassed a broad spectrum of security consulting services and the provision of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). This comprehensive support included:

  • Application Architecture Consultation: BD Emerson advised on the application architecture decisions, ensuring that GLBA compliance was considered at every step of the design and development process. This proactive approach facilitated the integration of security and privacy features into the core of the product.
  • Security Consulting Services: Through its security consulting services, BD Emerson provided Civex with expert guidance on implementing security best practices and GLBA-specific requirements. This ensured that the application was built with a security-first mindset, addressing potential vulnerabilities from the outset.
  • vCISO Services: The vCISO services offered by BD Emerson brought strategic security leadership to Civex, helping to navigate the complex landscape of compliance and security. This role was crucial in ensuring that Civex's security strategy was comprehensive, coherent, and aligned with business objectives.


The partnership between BD Emerson and Civex had a profound impact on the platform's success. By incorporating GLBA compliance and security measures into the application's architecture from the beginning, Civex was able to launch its product with confidence. The security and privacy assurances provided by the app's design and BD Emerson's support played a significant role in securing early customers. These clients placed their trust in Civex, recognizing the platform's commitment to protecting sensitive information in accordance with stringent regulatory standards.

The ability to meet these compliance and security expectations not only facilitated Civex's market entry but also established the platform as a reliable and secure tool for enhancing civic engagement. This trust is indispensable in the civic technology sector, where the protection of personal and financial information is crucial.



Civex's collaboration with BD Emerson highlights the importance of integrating security and compliance considerations into the product development lifecycle. By prioritizing GLBA compliance and security from the outset, Civex successfully launched a native app that meets the critical needs of its users for privacy and security. This strategic approach to application development, guided by BD Emerson's expertise, not only enabled Civex to gain early customer trust but also set a new standard for security and compliance in civic technology applications. Civex's journey illustrates the value of building security into the fabric of digital products, ensuring that trust and compliance are inherent features, not afterthoughts.


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