Data Privacy Compliance is a must-have to thrive and succeed no matter where your business operates. BD Emerson will help to incorporate a privacy-by-design approach into your business processes and applications to bring significant advantages and value to your organization

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Industry Expertise: With 15+ years of experience in development projects and delivering services, we recognize the significant impact of data breaches and non-compliance financially on your reputation.


Technology Consulting: We provide expert guidance and support to enhance digital security and protect sensitive information. Our services encompass strategy development, security audits, control implementation, and regulatory compliance to provide your organization with a comprehensive and integrated solution.


Trusted Partnerships: By collaborating with industry-leading security providers, we ensure our clients have access to state-of-the-art security technology and services, giving them peace of mind knowing that their cybersecurity needs are in capable hands.

​​Risk Assessment

Identify the risks and weaknesses within your operations

Identity and Access

Controlling access to resources based on identity

Organizational Policies

Informing the requirements for technical controls

Risk Management

Prioritize and manage potential security risks

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to applicable laws and regulations

Policy Enforcement

Administrative actions to guide the organization to compliance

Network Security

Protecting the flow of information within a network

Cloud Security

Protecting data and resources in the cloud

Vulnerability Management

Identifying and mitigating potential security weaknesses

Endpoint Security

Securing devices connected to a network

Application Security

Protecting software systems and their underlying data

Backup and Recovery

Ensuring data availability and recoverability

Security Training

Educating employees on secure practices

Threat Intelligence

Gathering and analyzing information on current and emerging threats.

Incident Response

Responding to and managing security incidents

Security Culture

Rewarding and recognizing security minded staff

Penetration Testing

Simulating real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities

Disaster Recovery

Maintaining operations and restoring systems after a disruption


The rise of data breaches, stringent regulations, and increasing customer expectations necessitate a proactive approach to safeguarding sensitive information. By implementing a comprehensive Data Privacy Compliance program within your organization, you mitigate the risk of potential data breaches and legal repercussions and cultivate trust among your customers and partners. Such compliance demonstrates your commitment to protecting individuals' data and ensures the integrity of your business operations, fostering a competitive advantage in the market.

Beyond regulatory requirements, Data Privacy Compliance offers the following benefits for your organization:

  • data becoming an invaluable asset in decision-making processes, 
  • a robust privacy framework ensures information accuracy, confidentiality, and availability,
  • you enhance the ability to make data-driven decisions, boost operational efficiency, and drive innovation.

It's a strategic step toward building a resilient and trustworthy organization in the digital age.

Data Privacy Consulting Services

In today's data-driven world, complying with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and HIPAA is non-negotiable. As industry experts, you recognize the significant impact of data breaches and non-compliance financially and on your reputation. Our Regulatory Сompliance service is designed to be your partner in achieving data privacy excellence, offering a customer-oriented approach to navigate these complex regulatory landscapes seamlessly.

With our expertise at your disposal, you can rest assured that your organization is compliant and can confidently embrace data-driven opportunities while maintaining the highest privacy and security standards.

Organizations must establish:

  • Contractual Security Measures with Vendors
  • Organizational Governance
  • Administrative Security Controls
  • Technical Security Controls
Data Privacy Consulting Services

With our expertise in Governance Framework Design, we collaborate closely with your organization to craft a customized data governance framework that precisely aligns with your specific needs and objectives. Our tailored approach ensures that every aspect of your data governance strategy is optimized to enhance data security and privacy, bolstering your overall business performance.

We work diligently to create data policies that meet the latest regulatory requirements and reflect the highest standards in data privacy. By entrusting us with this critical task, you can focus on your core business activities with the peace of mind that your data management practices are fully compliant, safeguarding your organization against potential risks.

Our hands-on guidance will bring your data governance framework to life through smooth Implementation and Execution. We ensure that the strategies devised in the planning phase become fully functional and seamlessly integrated into your existing processes. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your data governance efforts are practical, contributing to heightened data protection and overall improvement in your business operations.

Data Privacy Consulting Services
Data Privacy Consulting Services
Data Privacy Consulting Services

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Data Privacy Consulting Services

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