BD Emerson & Meridian AI: Fast-Tracking to SOC 2 Compliance for Enhanced Enterprise Readiness


In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, startups like Meridian AI, a pioneering AI technology firm, confront the imperative of adhering to rigorous security, privacy, and compliance standards from the outset. Meridian AI, known for its innovative AI solutions, recognized early on the necessity of embedding robust security and compliance frameworks into its operations to serve enterprise-level customers effectively. BD Emerson, a leader in corporate IT consulting, was chosen to guide Meridian AI through this critical process, elevating the company's security posture and compliance readiness to new heights.



Facing a demanding deadline, Meridian AI needed to achieve SOC 2 Type I compliance swiftly to facilitate business agreements with large enterprise clients. This compliance certification was crucial for demonstrating the company's commitment to security and for building trust with potential partners. The challenges were multifaceted, encompassing the implementation of security controls across various domains, including business account management, endpoint management, cloud security, and the development lifecycle. Achieving this in a concise timeline required a partner with deep expertise and a proven track record.



BD Emerson stepped up with a bespoke strategy that addressed Meridian AI's specific needs. The collaboration commenced with a focused implementation of security controls on Meridian's business accounts, integrating an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution and an EDR/XDR (Endpoint Detection and Response/Extended Detection and Response) solution to bolster endpoint security. This foundational work paved the way for achieving SOC 2 Type I compliance within an impressive three-week timeframe.

BD Emerson's approach was comprehensive, addressing not just immediate compliance requirements but also strengthening Meridian AI's overall security posture. They crafted technical enforcement policies for essential security measures such as hard disk encryption, anti-virus/anti-malware protection, and established configuration standards. Further, BD Emerson took an active role in enhancing Meridian AI's Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), ensuring security was integrated at every stage of development.

Turning their attention to the cloud, BD Emerson implemented rigorous security controls, established Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and developed a ransomware-proof backup strategy, ensuring all backups were stored in immutable formats. Continuous vulnerability scanning of the Meridian AI application and infrastructure was also introduced, fortifying the company's defenses against potential threats.



This strategic partnership between Meridian AI and BD Emerson not only accelerated Meridian's journey to SOC 2 Type I compliance but also significantly elevated the company's appeal to enterprise clients. The swift and comprehensive enhancement of Meridian AI's security and compliance capabilities enabled the firm to commence partnerships with large enterprises, leveraging the SOC 2 Type I certification as a testament to its security and compliance stature, with a forward-looking commitment to achieving Type II certification.

Thanks to BD Emerson's expertise and efficient execution, Meridian AI has set a new benchmark for startups aiming to quickly meet and exceed the stringent security and compliance requirements of today's enterprise market. This success story underscores BD Emerson's role as a pivotal force in propelling startups towards achieving security excellence and compliance readiness from the outset.



The collaboration between BD Emerson and Meridian AI exemplifies the significant impact that targeted IT and compliance solutions can have on a startup's market entry and success. By navigating the complex terrain of security, privacy, and compliance with precision and speed, BD Emerson has not only facilitated Meridian AI's seamless transition into the enterprise domain but also established a model for emerging startups striving for operational excellence from day one.


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Alexander Sen, CEO and Founder of Meridian AI

"Engaging with BD Emerson was a pivotal moment for Meridian AI. Their expert team, led by seasoned professionals, swiftly navigated us through the complexities of achieving SOC 2 Type I compliance in an incredibly short timeframe and moving straight into our SOC 2 Type II monitoring period. This wasn't just about ticking a box for compliance; it was about fundamentally enhancing our security posture across the board — from our endpoints and cloud infrastructure to our development lifecycle and beyond. The diligence and technical acumen of BD Emerson allowed us to not only meet but exceed the stringent security expectations of our enterprise clients. Thanks to BD Emerson, we're now not just ready but confident in our security and compliance stature, setting us apart in the AI technology market. Their partnership has been invaluable, providing us the foundation to scale securely and sustainably."

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