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Our services revolve around empowering law firms to navigate the intricate terrain of cyber risk management, ensuring the fortification of invaluable client sensitive and valuable data, and fostering impenetrable communications channels.

Our unwavering commitment to data protection extends to ensuring full conformity with stringent regulations, exemplified by the exacting Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00 and New York's exacting Cybersecurity Regulation.

Proven results

Empower your legal practice to flourish while safeguarding client interests and regulatory adherence.

Legal (Law Firms)


We leverage our deep industry knowledge to safeguard data and prevent financial and reputational losses.


We provide comprehensive digital security solutions, protecting your organization's sensitive information.

The Team

Our skilled professionals collaborate with industry-leading security providers, fostering trust and confidence to handle cybersecurity needs effectively.

Risk Assessments and Management

Evaluate cyber risks and proactively mitigate potential cyber threats vulnerabilities through our Risk Assessments and Management service.

Compliance Consulting

Implementing controls required by regulations like Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00, New York’s Cybersecurity Regulation, or to adhere to legal industry contractual cybersecurity requirements.

Data Privacy and Security Training

Equip your team with the expertise needed to ensure compliance uphold Data Privacy and Security through comprehensive training.

Security Incident Response Planning

Strategically prepare for unforeseen events with our Incident Response Planning service.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Enhance and protect your cybersecurity posture with our specialized Cybersecurity Consulting.

Privacy Consulting

Navigate intricate privacy and data security frameworks effectively with our Privacy Consulting.

Legal Consulting

Receive astute legal guidance through our dedicated Legal Consulting service.

vCISO Consulting

Gain the benefits of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) with our specialized consulting.

Management and Technology Consulting

Achieve seamless synergy between management and technology realms through our Management and Technology Consulting.

The Solution

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Legal (Law Firms)

Our Expertise

BD Emerson stands at the forefront of delivering specialized solutions tuned to the intricate demands of the legal sector. Our suite of services empowers law firms to steer through the complex risk management landscape, ensuring the impregnability of invaluable client confidential information and sensitive data and nurturing secure communication pathways. With profound insights into legal intricacies and an agile approach to technological advancements, we provide unparalleled expertise that resonates with the uniqueness of your legal enterprise.


Practical Benefits and Positive Impact

By partnering with us, legal practices can experience a transformative journey that cultivates growth and safeguards client interests and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to fortify your legal ecosystem. Through meticulous Risk Assessments and Management, potential vulnerabilities are identified and strategically managed, ensuring your firm's stability. Incident Response Planning provides a swift and structured course of action, decreasing possible damages.


Comprehensive Security Solutions

The impact of our solutions ripples across your entire practice, fostering a positive transformation. Our Cybersecurity Consulting enhances your digital fortifications, protecting your operations from cyber attacks and cyber threats. In a world increasingly focused on client information and data privacy, our Privacy Consulting services provide you with the tools to navigate complex privacy frameworks confidently. Legal Consulting empowers you with astute legal guidance, ensuring your actions align with legal standards.

We are not just service providers but your partners in propelling your legal practice to new heights of success, security, and compliance.

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Related Case Studies

Large Regional Law Firm: A Case Study by BD Emerson

About the Firm

This Firm stands out as one of the top law firms in the Northeast. This Firm offers a comprehensive range of legal services, from property and banking to litigation and renewable energy. With a team of over 150 professionals, this client has seen remarkable growth, backed by a wealth of legal expertise and legal industry insights.

The Challenge: Ensuring Business Continuity

Firm leadership recognized the need for a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to uphold its high business standards. While their managed services provider was dependable, The Firm believed in adding an extra layer of resilience through a third-party. Their mission was clear: find a vendor capable of minimizing cyber threats and data breaches, reducing Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and ensuring zero unexpected downtimes.

The Solution: Partnering with BD Emerson

BD Emerson emerged as the trusted expert to help The Firm craft a DR strategy. After a thorough evaluation, BD Emerson proposed a tailor-made solution that not only met but exceeded The Firm's DR requirements. This solution guarantees a quick system recovery post a cyber security incidents or ransomware attacks, ensuring The Firm's operations remain uninterrupted.

Key Takeaways
  • Client Profile: A leading corporate law firm in the Northeast with over 150 employees.
  • Client Needs: A solid DR strategy, minimal RTO & RPO, zero downtime, and reduced cybersecurity risks.
  • Deliverables: A bespoke DR solution ensuring minimal RTO & RPO, zero downtime, and cost savings.
  • Client Testimonial: "With the new solution, disaster recovery is just a click away. We can test and verify DR without dedicating staff time, allowing us to focus on our core business. Moreover, our data always stays within the jurisdiction." - Partner at The Firm.

Mid-sized Regional Law Firm: Pioneering Digital Transformation in Legal Services


In the intricate world of legal services, this mid-sized regional law firm has always been recognized for its dedication to justice and client service. However, with the unexpected turnover of their head of IT, the firm faced challenges in maintaining its IT infrastructure and services. Recognizing the need for expertise and continuity, the firm turned to BD Emerson, their trusted vCISO service provider.

The IT Management Challenge

The departure of the head of IT left a void in the firm's technical leadership. With an increasing reliance on digital tools and platforms in legal services, the firm needed to ensure uninterrupted IT services, maintain data security, and continue its journey towards digital transformation.

The IT Management Solution

BD Emerson, already a partner in providing vCISO services, expanded its role to include management consulting services. This holistic approach allowed BD Emerson to lead the firm's IT and help desk functions, ensuring continuity and expertise:

  • Digital Transformation: BD Emerson spearheaded a digital transformation initiative, modernizing the law firm's IT infrastructure and tools. This initiative streamlined operations, enhanced client service capabilities, and ensured that the firm remained at the forefront of legal tech.
  • Decreased SLAs: With BD Emerson's expertise, the firm saw a significant decrease in SLAs for help desk tickets. Issues were resolved faster, ensuring minimal disruption to the firm's operations.
  • Trust Center Collaboration: Working hand-in-hand with the firm's marketing team, BD Emerson built out a Trust Center. This platform showcased the firm's commitment to client data protection and transparency, enhancing client trust and reinforcing the firm's reputation.
  • Security Enhancements: BD Emerson implemented robust controls for endpoint security and identity security, ensuring that the firm's data and client sensitive information remained protected against potential threats.
  • Legal File Management: Recognizing the unique needs of legal services, BD Emerson integrated iManage, a leading legal file management solution. This tool streamlined document management, collaboration, and ensured that case files were organized and easily accessible.

The collaboration with BD Emerson transformed the firm's IT landscape. Not only did the firm benefit from enhanced IT services and reduced SLAs, but the digital transformation initiative also positioned the firm as a leader in legal tech. The integration of tools like iManage and the establishment of the Trust Center further solidified the firm's reputation for excellence and client-centric service.

  • Client Profile: A respected mid-sized regional law firm known for its dedication to justice and unparalleled client service.
  • Client Requirements: Seamless IT management, digital transformation, and enhanced data security and file management solutions.
  • Deliverables: Comprehensive IT management, digital transformation initiative, decreased SLAs, Trust Center, and integration of iManage for legal file management.
  • Client Testimonial: "BD Emerson's expanded role was a game-changer for our firm. Their expertise in IT management and legal tech ensured that we remained at the pinnacle of legal services, offering our clients the best in both legal expertise and technology." - Managing Partner at Regional Law Firm.

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