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With a deep-rooted understanding of the startup industry, we bring a comprehensive suite of services encompassing strategic technology, security, privacy, and legal consulting – all under one roof.

We recognize the essence of time and innovation for startups. Our flexible arrangements are designed to empower you to focus on what you do best: developing groundbreaking products and services. Simultaneously, our expert team ensures that your startup is on the fast track to regulatory compliance from the very beginning. Our seamless integration of consulting services grants you the invaluable advantage of building your venture while laying a solid foundation of compliance. This win-win scenario propels your success in a customer-centric startup landscape.

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We streamline your journey by serving as the ultimate one-stop shop for startups eyeing expansion



We leverage our deep industry knowledge to safeguard data and prevent financial and reputational losses.


We provide comprehensive digital security solutions, protecting your organization's sensitive information.

The Team

Our skilled professionals collaborate with industry-leading security providers, fostering trust and confidence to handle cybersecurity needs effectively.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Safeguard your startup's physical networks and digital assets against cyber threats with our expert cybersecurity strategies.

Privacy Consulting

Ensure your startup's data practices and security protocols align with privacy regulations and build customer trust.

Legal Consulting

Navigate complex legal landscapes with our tailored guidance for startups.

vCISO Consulting

Elevate your startup company’s security posture with our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer services.

Management and Technology Consulting

Seamlessly integrate business management and cutting-edge technology through our consulting expertise.

The Solution

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Our Expertise: Delivering Comprehensive Security Solutions

At BD Emerson, we are a beacon of strategic partnership in the ever-evolving innovation landscape. Rooted in a profound understanding of the startup industry, we offer an integrated suite of services that span strategic technology, security, privacy, vulnerability management and legal consulting – all seamlessly accessible under one roof. With our finger on the pulse of startup dynamics, we bring unparalleled expertise to fuel your growth journey.


Practical Benefits and Positive Impact: Pioneering Your Success

Recognizing that time and innovation are your most precious resources. Our adaptable arrangements empower you to channel your energies where they matter most: crafting revolutionary products and services. As you dedicate yourself to innovation, our adept team ensures your startup is agile and regulatory-compliant. This harmonious integration of consulting services accelerates your business and lays the bedrock of unwavering compliance – a pivotal advantage in your pursuit of success within the customer-centric startup ecosystem.


Comprehensive Security Solutions: Your Shield in the Digital Realm

Encompassing a spectrum of offerings, our suite of services caters to the nuanced needs of startups seeking to excel in a dynamic landscape. Our Cybersecurity Consulting extends a shield over your digital assets with refined strategies. Privacy Consulting aligns your sensitive data practices with regulations, enhancing customer trust. Legal Consulting guides you through intricate legal terrains, ensuring secure footing. vCISO Consulting elevates your security posture, while Management and Technology Consulting harmonizes business strategies with cutting-edge technology.

As your innovation partner, BD Emerson serves as the nucleus of your expansion efforts, simplifying your path toward achievement in the realm of startups.

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Related Case Studies

VC Backed Startup: Securing Innovation from the Ground Up


VC Backed Startup is an ambitious venture that has garnered significant attention and funding from leading VC firms. With a mission to address a pressing industry challenge, the startup is in the process of developing a revolutionary application. However, with innovation comes the responsibility of ensuring top-notch security and compliance, especially given the startup's aspirations to achieve SOC 2 Type 1 and subsequently, Type 2.

The Appsec Challenge

Building a secure application from scratch, while simultaneously establishing a robust enterprise architecture that meets SOC 2 standards. The startup needed to ensure that security was embedded at every stage of the development process, without compromising on agility and innovation.

The Appsec Solution

BD Emerson stepped in as a trusted partner, collaborating closely with the startup's development team. Through comprehensive training sessions on the OWASP SKF and ASVS, BD Emerson ensured that the team was well-versed in best security practices. By integrating their security methodology directly into the build process, BD Emerson ensured that security was not an afterthought but a foundational element of the application.

The SOC 2 Challenge

Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 compliance within a tight timeframe of 60 days, and subsequently initiating the monitoring phase for SOC 2 Type 2.

The SOC 2 Solution

Leveraging their partnership with Vanta and a control plane approach, BD Emerson crafted a comprehensive strategy for VC Backed Startup. The BD Emerson Legal Group played a pivotal role, overseeing the creation of essential assets, processes, procedures, and agreements. With the seamless onboarding of requisite technology and close collaboration with auditors, BD Emerson ensured that the startup not only achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance within the stipulated 60 days but also smoothly transitioned to the SOC 2 Type 2 monitoring phase. Following a meticulous 3-month observation window, VC Backed Startup proudly secured their SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

  • Client Profile: An innovative startup backed by leading VC firms, focused on solving a critical industry problem.
  • Client Requirements: Robust application security, enterprise architecture security, and rapid SOC 2 compliance.
  • Deliverables: Comprehensive Appsec training, integration of security methodology in development, and end-to-end SOC 2 compliance solutions.
  • Client Testimonial: "Partnering with BD Emerson transformed our approach to cybersecurity for startups. Their expertise ensured that our application was secure from the get-go, and their guidance was instrumental in helping us achieve SOC 2 compliance in record time." - Founder at VC Backed Startup.

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