BD Emerson & LiveSchool: Navigating the Path to SOC 2 Compliance for Educational Excellence


LiveSchool, an innovative platform designed to enhance school environments through rewarding positive student behavior, faced a pivotal challenge in their expansion journey. As they partnered with larger school districts, they needed to demonstrate their security and privacy policies through a 3rd party SOC 2 audit, a critical trust and compliance benchmark for service providers. Recognizing the complexity of this requirement, LiveSchool enlisted BD Emerson’s expertise. Over just three months, BD Emerson transformed LiveSchool’s security and privacy posture, successfully prepared for their SOC 2, and raised the bar for practices in the ed tech industry.



As LiveSchool set its sights on larger school districts, it became evident that SOC 2 compliance was not just a preference but a necessity. The challenge was daunting: transitioning from zero compliance infrastructure to meeting the rigorous standards of SOC 2. This required a comprehensive overhaul of application security, product infrastructure, and organizational policies, along with the implementation of advanced security tools. LiveSchool needed a partner with deep expertise in cybersecurity and compliance to guide this transformation swiftly and effectively.



BD Emerson stepped in as LiveSchool's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), bringing a strategic and operational roadmap to achieve SOC 2 readiness. The approach was multifaceted:

  • Application Security and Product Infrastructure: BD Emerson conducted a thorough assessment of LiveSchool's application security and infrastructure, identifying areas for enhancement and implementing best practices to fortify their defenses against potential cyber threats.
  • Implementation of Security Tools: Recognizing the need for advanced security measures, BD Emerson implemented a suite of tools, including Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Mobile Device Management (MDM), to provide comprehensive monitoring and management of security events.
  • Organizational Policy Overhaul: A critical component of SOC 2 compliance is the establishment of robust organizational policies. BD Emerson guided LiveSchool in overhauling their policies to align with SOC 2 requirements, ensuring that every aspect of their operation was covered.
  • Endpoint Management and IT Functions: As part of their ongoing support, BD Emerson manages all of LiveSchool's endpoints, overseeing critical IT functions such as backup, patching, and end-user support. This ensures that LiveSchool's IT infrastructure remains secure, reliable, and compliant.


The collaboration between BD Emerson and LiveSchool has been transformative. In just two months, LiveSchool achieved SOC 2 audit readiness, marking a significant milestone in their quest to serve larger school districts. This rapid transformation has not only positioned 

LiveSchool as a trustworthy and secure platform for educational institutions but also paved the way for their expansion into new markets.

By serving as LiveSchool's CISO, BD Emerson has provided ongoing strategic and operational support, ensuring that LiveSchool remains at the forefront of security, privacy, and compliance. 

This partnership has allowed LiveSchool to focus on their core mission of enhancing educational environments, secure in the knowledge that their cybersecurity and compliance needs are expertly managed.



The journey of LiveSchool, guided by the expertise of BD Emerson, exemplifies the critical role of cybersecurity and compliance in the expansion of educational technology platforms. Achieving SOC 2 compliance in an expedited time frame has set LiveSchool apart, offering reassurance to school districts about the platform's commitment to security and privacy. As LiveSchool continues to innovate in the realm of education, their partnership with BD Emerson ensures a foundation of trust and security, essential for the digital age of learning.


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Matt Rubenstein, CEO of LiveSchool

"In a world where the security and privacy of digital educational platforms are of paramount importance, partnering with BD Emerson was a game-changer for LiveSchool. Their expertise and guidance transformed our approach to cybersecurity and compliance, enabling us to achieve SOC 2 readiness in an astonishingly short period. This achievement is not just a milestone for LiveSchool; it's a testament to our commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for schools across the nation. BD Emerson didn't just help us meet a compliance checklist; they helped us weave security and privacy into the very fabric of our service, ensuring that we can continue to innovate in educational technology with confidence. Thanks to BD Emerson, LiveSchool is now poised to expand our impact, bringing positive behavioral reinforcement to more schools with the assurance of industry-leading security practices."

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