BD Emerson & Savant/GE Lighting: Steering Enterprise Security and Privacy in the IoT Era


In the rapidly evolving landscape of smart home technology, Savant/GE Lighting, a pioneer in the field, recognized the critical need to enhance their cybersecurity posture and privacy compliance to safeguard their reputation and customer trust. To navigate this complex terrain, they turned to BD Emerson for their expert Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service. BD Emerson's holistic approach to security leadership, endpoint management, application security, and privacy consulting has fortified Savant's defenses and compliance, setting a new benchmark in the smart home industry.



Savant/GE Lighting faced multifaceted challenges in securing a diverse endpoint environment that included over 1000 devices running on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, the expansive nature of their smart home ecosystem made application security a daunting task. With the looming complexities of adhering to a myriad of privacy laws such as CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, CDPA, and other US-based regulations, Savant needed a strategic partner to navigate these challenges efficiently.



BD Emerson stepped in to fill the critical role of a vCISO, offering strategic oversight and operational excellence in managing Savant's cybersecurity framework. By taking charge of security for over 1000 endpoints, BD Emerson implemented a comprehensive security strategy encompassing endpoint management, threat detection, and incident response tailored to the unique needs of Savant's diverse IT landscape.

As the primary application security team, BD Emerson instituted robust security practices across Savant's suite of applications. This initiative involved regular security assessments, vulnerability management, and the implementation of best practices in application development to mitigate risks effectively.

On the privacy front, BD Emerson's consulting services were instrumental in navigating the complex web of privacy regulations. By fostering a deep understanding of CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, CDPA, and other pertinent laws, BD Emerson ensured Savant's compliance, thereby elevating customer trust and loyalty.



BD Emerson's engagement with Savant/GE Lighting has led to significant enhancements in their security and privacy posture. The vCISO service has been a game-changer, providing Savant with the leadership and expertise needed to tackle emerging cyber threats and align their security initiatives with industry best practices.

The comprehensive endpoint management and application security strategies have not only fortified Savant's defenses but also streamlined their security operations, allowing for more agile and responsive security practices.

Through diligent privacy consulting, Savant has successfully navigated the intricate landscape of privacy laws, ensuring compliance and reinforcing their commitment to customer privacy. This has been a critical factor in strengthening customer trust in Savant's smart home solutions.



The partnership between BD Emerson and Savant/GE Lighting exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic cybersecurity and privacy consulting in the tech-driven world. By providing expert guidance and comprehensive solutions, BD Emerson has not only enhanced Savant's security and privacy posture but also positioned them as a leader in the smart home industry, committed to excellence in customer trust and regulatory compliance. As they continue to serve on Savant's leadership committee, BD Emerson's ongoing contributions underscore their role as indispensable advisors in the journey toward a more secure and privacy-conscious future.


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