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Recognizing the pivotal role of safeguarding sensitive information, we are poised to guide government entities toward data security excellence.

Our suite of services, ranging from meticulous Compliance Audits and Consulting to strategic Risk Assessments and Management, equips these agencies to navigate the rigorous federal compliance landscape while enhancing the efficiency of their data management systems and communication processes.

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Empowering government agencies: ensuring data security and FISMA compliance



We leverage our deep industry knowledge to safeguard data and prevent financial and reputational losses.


We provide comprehensive digital security solutions, protecting your organization's sensitive information.

The Team

Our skilled professionals collaborate with industry-leading security providers, fostering trust and confidence to handle cybersecurity needs effectively.

FISMA Compliance Audits and Consulting

Navigating FISMA compliance requirements with thorough audits and expert consulting services.

CMMC Consulting

Guiding public sector agencies through CMMC compliance with specialized consulting support.

Risk Assessments and Management

Mitigating risks and vulnerabilities through precise assessments and strategic management and support systems.

Data Privacy and Security Training

Elevating data security and integrity with privacy and security training.

Incident Response Planning

Preparing the organization for contingencies with meticulous incident response planning.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Strengthening digital defenses against cyber threats through strategic cybersecurity consulting.

Privacy Consulting

Navigating privacy complexities with dedicated privacy consulting.

Legal Consulting

Addressing legal considerations with tailored consulting services.

vCISO Consulting

Accessing virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO) expertise for optimal network protection.

Management and Technology Consulting

Blending management and technology consulting for comprehensive solutions.

The Solution

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Our Expertise

BD Emerson emerges as a strategic collaborator within government operations, closely partnering with government agencies to reinforce and secure their data and communication infrastructure while seamlessly adhering to the intricate landscape of FISMA regulations. Acknowledging the paramount significance of safeguarding sensitive information assets, we stand primed to guide government entities toward attaining data security excellence. Our extensive array of services, encompassing thorough Compliance Audits and Consulting and insightful Risk Assessments and Management, empowers these agencies to adeptly navigate the demanding compliance landscape and amplify the efficacy of their data management and communication endeavors.


Practical Benefits and Positive Impact

Our commitment transcends the standard compliance checklist – it's about empowering government agencies to operate with confidence and efficacy. Through our Data Privacy and Security Training, we cultivate a culture of data protection, empowering agency personnel to uphold the highest privacy and cyber security standards in every facet of their operations. Moreover, our meticulous Incident Response Planning ensures preparedness for unforeseen challenges, minimizing disruptions and preserving the integrity of data and communication channels. As government data and communication guardians, our expertise becomes your shield. We bolster digital defenses through Cybersecurity Consulting, navigate intricate data protection pathways via Privacy Consulting, and provide a legal compass through Legal Consulting. From Compliance Audits to Risk Management, BD Emerson is your ally in elevating government agency capabilities, ensuring seamless compliance, and fortified data security.As government data and communication guardians, our expertise becomes your shield. We bolster digital defenses through Cybersecurity Consulting, navigate intricate data protection pathways via Privacy Consulting, and provide a legal compass through Legal Consulting. From Compliance Audits to Risk Management, BD Emerson is your ally in elevating government agency capabilities, ensuring seamless compliance, and fortified data security.


Comprehensive Security Solutions

Successfully navigating the nuanced intricacies of government operations necessitates a multifaceted approach, and our services are crafted to meet these multifarious needs. From conducting FISMA Compliance Audits and Consulting to providing specialized guidance through CMMC Compliance, our service offerings ensure that federal agencies function harmoniously within regulatory frameworks while concurrently optimizing their strategies for data protection. Through our Cybersecurity Consulting, we bolster digital defenses of critical infrastructure to safeguard sensitive information, while our Privacy Consulting team adeptly steers the complex path of data privacy intricacies. Our services form a robust protective shield.

Integrate strategic management principles with cutting-edge technological solutions, in navigating the intricate landscape of government data security and compliance with BD Emerson

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Related Case Studies

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Pioneering Digital Transformation for a Sustainable Future


The EPA has always been at the forefront of environmental protection and conservation. With a mission to protect and ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for all, the agency recognized the potential of digital platforms to support and enhance its operations, outreach, and impact. Embracing the digital age, the EPA embarked on a journey of digital transformation.

The Digital Transformation Challenge

Government agencies often face unique challenges when it comes to digital transformation. For the EPA, it was essential to integrate digital solutions that would streamline operations, enhance data collection and analysis, and improve public engagement, all while ensuring they maintain the highest standards of data security and regulatory compliance.

The Digital Transformation Solution

BD Emerson, with its expertise in digital solutions and cybersecurity services for government agencies, partnered with the EPA. The collaboration involved a thorough assessment of the EPA's existing cybersecurity processes, infrastructure, and objectives. Based on this analysis, the security teams at BD Emerson designed a comprehensive digital transformation and cybersecurity strategy tailored to the EPA's needs.

Key initiatives included:

  • Data Management: Implementing advanced data analytics tools to monitor environmental trends, assess policy impacts, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Public Engagement: Developing user-friendly digital platforms to disseminate information, gather public feedback, and enhance community engagement.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining internal processes through digital tools, ensuring faster response times, and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Security & Compliance: Ensuring that all digital solutions adhered to local government regulations and provided robust data protection.

The digital transformation initiative revolutionized the EPA's operations. With access to enhanced data capabilities, the agency could make more informed decisions. Improved access to public engagement platforms ensured that the community was more involved and informed. Overall, the digital transformation process not only optimized the EPA's operations but also amplified its impact on environmental protection.

  • Client Profile: The Environmental Protection Agency, a government body dedicated to environmental conservation and protection.
  • Client Requirements: Comprehensive digital transformation to enhance operations, data management, public engagement, and ensure cyber security and compliance.
  • Deliverables: Tailored digital transformation strategy, including advanced data tools, public engagement platforms, and security measures.
  • Client Testimonial: "Our collaboration with BD Emerson has been transformative. The digital solutions they provided have empowered us to serve the public better and make a more significant impact on environmental protection."

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