BD Emerson & Supered: Elevating Digital Adoption with Compliance Excellence


Supered, a dynamic digital adoption platform tailored for the HubSpot ecosystem, is dedicated to empowering sales representatives, administrators, and marketers to become CRM superheroes. To achieve this mission while expanding their footprint among enterprise clients, Supered sought to ensure the highest standards of security and privacy compliance. Recognizing the importance of SOC 2 Type I and II compliance, along with GDPR adherence, Supered engaged BD Emerson for their unmatched expertise. Through an accelerated and comprehensive compliance journey, BD Emerson not only facilitated Supered's compliance achievements but also enhanced their marketability and trust within the enterprise sector.



As an innovator within the HubSpot ecosystem, Supered faced the imperative task of demonstrating unwavering commitment to data security and privacy to attract and retain enterprise customers. The challenges were twofold: achieving SOC 2 Type I and Type II compliance within a demanding timeline and ensuring GDPR compliance to affirm their dedication to user data protection. These compliance milestones were critical for Supered to validate their platform's security and privacy measures, key concerns for their target market.



BD Emerson's strategic intervention was meticulously designed to address Supered's specific needs, focusing on:

  • Rapid SOC 2 Type I Compliance: Embarking on an intense 20-day sprint, BD Emerson guided Supered through the initial phase of SOC 2 Type I compliance. This phase was crucial for establishing and documenting the appropriate controls, laying the foundation for Supered's compliance infrastructure.
  • SOC 2 Type II Compliance with Comprehensive Monitoring: Following the Type I achievement, the focus shifted to the rigorous SOC 2 Type II compliance, including a 3-month monitoring period. This effort ensured the operational effectiveness of the implemented controls, leading to an attestation with no exceptions—showcasing Supered's commitment to sustained security practices.
  • GDPR Compliance and Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Certification: In tandem with SOC 2 efforts, BD Emerson implemented GDPR-specific controls and led the DPF certification process. This dual approach underscored Supered's adherence to stringent EU data protection standards, reinforcing their position as a privacy-conscious platform within the digital adoption space.


The collaboration between Supered and BD Emerson had a significant and positive impact on Supered's business trajectory. By swiftly achieving SOC 2 Type I and II compliance and securing GDPR compliance, Supered demonstrated to enterprise clients their unwavering commitment to security and privacy. This strategic compliance framework not only elevated Supered's appeal to potential enterprise partners but also underscored their operational excellence and reliability as a digital adoption platform within the HubSpot ecosystem.

These achievements have been pivotal in enhancing Supered's competitive edge, enabling them to forge new partnerships and expand their presence in the market confidently. The trust and credibility gained through this comprehensive compliance journey have set Supered apart as a leader in empowering CRM users with cutting-edge digital adoption tools.



Supered's journey with BD Emerson highlights the indispensable role of comprehensive compliance strategies in fostering innovation and expansion in the digital adoption sector. Through a focused and accelerated approach to SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, Supered has solidified its reputation as a trusted and secure platform for enhancing CRM capabilities within the HubSpot ecosystem. This case study exemplifies the synergy between compliance excellence and business success, illustrating how strategic partnerships can accelerate digital transformation while ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy.


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Supered’s CTO Stephen Bussey

“I can't imagine doing SOC2 (Type I and II) or GDPR readiness without Drew and BD Emerson. We moved really fast through the process, but I felt that Drew was there to support at every step of the process. Drew prioritized items that helped make our business look good, in addition to ensuring we met all of our security requirements”

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