BD Emerson & HiredHelpr: Elevating Security Measures for Enhanced Business Growth and Trust


In the competitive landscape of digital services, HiredHelpr, a cutting-edge platform designed to connect clients with a wide range of professional services, realized the paramount importance of bolstering their security posture to safeguard client identities, secure devices, and protect cloud infrastructure. To achieve these goals, HiredHelpr enlisted the expertise of BD Emerson, a premier corporate IT consulting firm known for its comprehensive security assessments and solutions. This partnership was aimed at not just meeting but exceeding industry-standard security practices, thereby instilling confidence in HiredHelpr’s clients and partners.



HiredHelpr faced the dual challenge of ensuring the utmost security of client data while maintaining a seamless and efficient operational environment. The company sought to enhance its identity security, fortify device security, and ensure the robustness of its cloud infrastructure. These requirements were critical for HiredHelpr's continued growth and the trust of its clients. The task demanded a meticulous evaluation of existing security measures, identification of vulnerabilities, and the implementation of advanced security controls across various levels of the organization’s technology stack.



BD Emerson embarked on a comprehensive security assessment, beginning with HiredHelpr’s fleet of Mac devices. The firm developed technical enforcement policies tailored to manage and secure these devices effectively, addressing a critical component of HiredHelpr's operational infrastructure.

The assessment then expanded to HiredHelpr’s application and cloud infrastructure. BD Emerson conducted thorough penetration testing, utilizing both automated tools and manual expertise to unearth vulnerabilities. The insights gained from these tests were invaluable, leading to the implementation of additional application security controls and the strengthening of HiredHelpr's cloud infrastructure.

A pivotal aspect of BD Emerson’s strategy was the development of a sophisticated backup strategy. This strategy included stringent controls such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for altering or deleting backup versions, encryption of backups, and the use of immutable formats for storing backups, thereby significantly mitigating the risk posed by ransomware attackers.



The collaboration between HiredHelpr and BD Emerson has had a profound impact on HiredHelpr’s operational and business development strategies. With BD Emerson serving as HiredHelpr's virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), the company has been able to maintain a high-security posture, continually enhance application security, and confidently engage with prospects and partners regarding its security measures.

Furthermore, BD Emerson’s role in conducting an annual audit based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) has been instrumental for HiredHelpr. This audit not only satisfies insurance and business contract requirements but also serves as a valuable asset in discussions with potential clients, showcasing HiredHelpr’s commitment to data protection and security.



The strategic partnership between HiredHelpr and BD Emerson exemplifies the transformative effect of comprehensive security strategies on a company’s growth trajectory and market trust. By addressing critical security challenges and implementing forward-thinking solutions, BD Emerson has enabled HiredHelpr to not only protect its digital assets and client data but also to position itself as a leader in its field, trusted by clients and partners alike. This case study serves as a testament to the vital role that strategic IT consulting and robust security practices play in the success and expansion of modern businesses.


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Alexander Ajayi, Co-Founder

"At HiredHelpr, we understood from the outset the critical role that robust security and privacy practices play in the trust our users place in us. Partnering with BD Emerson has been a pivotal step in our journey towards creating a secure, reliable platform. Their comprehensive assessment and tailored security strategies have significantly enhanced our device security, application resilience, and cloud infrastructure. BD Emerson's expertise not only fortified our platform against sophisticated threats but also deepened our understanding of cybersecurity. The result is a stronger HiredHelpr, ready to serve our clients with an even greater level of confidence. We're particularly grateful for BD Emerson's ongoing support as our virtual CISO, ensuring that our security posture remains robust as we grow. Their partnership is invaluable, providing us with the assurance that we can meet the highest standards of security and privacy demanded by our users and the industry."

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