The digital age beckons businesses to fortify their security defenses more than ever. Leading the charge against cyber threats is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). However, with evolving challenges, CISOs require a unified security platform that's both comprehensive and efficient. Enter Vanta, the embodiment of security oversight. And when coupled with BD Emerson's expertise in SOC 2 readiness, businesses gain an unparalleled advantage.

The Imperative for the 'Single Pane of Glass'

Juggling multiple security tools often leads to an obscured view of an organization's security health. Most CISO’s struggle to have a real-time view into their security toolings because those tools are not integrated into a control-plane.  Vanta is designed for clarity and cohesion and offers the much-coveted 'single pane of glass':

  • Unified View: No more toggling between platforms; Vanta provides a panoramic view of all controls.
  • Integrated Alerting: Collating alerts from various tools, Vanta ensures threats are swiftly identified and mitigated.
  • Holistic Access Reviews: Consolidating access control reviews is effortless with Vanta's integrated platform.
  • Genuine Security Oversight: Vanta stands as the unyielding guardian, offering CISOs unparalleled transparency.

SOC 2 Readiness: Vanta & BD Emerson's Unmatched Expertise

CISO’s are key contributors to achieving and maintaining SOC 2 readiness, which is paramount in today's regulatory environment. Your CISO and security team typically do not have the capacity to fully engage in this initiative as they are keeping the house from buring down. Here's where the synergy between Vanta and BD Emerson shines:

  • Automated Workflows: Vanta's platform automates significant portions of the SOC 2 readiness process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential compliance deviations with Vanta’s real-time monitoring.
  • BD Emerson's Guidance: With BD Emerson's deep expertise in SOC 2 readiness, businesses are equipped with strategic insights and actionable steps to achieve and maintain compliance.
  • We work hand in hand with security teams, privacy teams, and product teams to ensure that the controls that need to be deployed are done in a timely manner and in a way that does not affect productivity.

Growing with Your Organization: Scalability & Integration

Vanta's promise of ensuring your security infrastructure scales alongside your organization is unwavering:

  • Seamless Integration: Integrate new tools effortlessly, ensuring consistent and robust security oversight.
  • Adaptive Security Posture: Vanta’s dynamic platform ensures that as businesses evolve, their security stance remains unyielding.
  • Growing Every Day: Vanta is committed to continuously expanding the current integration catalog so that you never have to worry if your current stack will be easy to onboard.

Cost-Effectiveness and SOC 2 Readiness

Vanta is not just about operational superiority; it presents a robust economic case, especially when aiming for SOC 2 readiness:

  • Resource Optimization: By automating repetitive tasks related to SOC 2, teams can focus on strategic imperatives.
  • Reduced Response Time: Quick threat detection and mitigation lead to decreased expenses related to potential SOC 2 compliance breaches.
  • Buy from BD Emerson: Reduce your cost even further when you buy Vanta through BD Emerson. We offer the product to you at our cost, we do not take profits on resale. We are also able to refer you to SOC 2 auditors who will also give you a discount. SOC 2 has never been more affordable.

Elevating Stakeholder Confidence with SOC 2 Readiness

In a business world where trust is a prized commodity, achieving SOC 2 readiness with Vanta fortifies stakeholder confidence:

  • Transparent Reporting: Comprehensive dashboards offer stakeholders lucid insights into the organization's SOC 2 readiness and overall security posture.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrable SOC 2 readiness, facilitated by Vanta and BD Emerson, augments an organization's trustworthiness.

The Collaborative Ecosystem of Vanta

Vanta's strength is accentuated by its thriving ecosystem, especially when aiming for SOC 2 readiness:

  • Partner Integrations: A diverse range of third-party integrations ensures that the Vanta platform remains versatile.
  • Community Collaboration: Vanta's active user community shares insights and best practices related to SOC 2 readiness, fostering collective growth.


  • How does Vanta support the SOC 2 readiness journey?
    Vanta provides an automated platform that simplifies the complex processes related to SOC 2 readiness, offering real-time insights and continuous monitoring.
  • How does BD Emerson enhance the SOC 2 readiness process with Vanta?
    BD Emerson, with its deep expertise in SOC 2, provides strategic guidance, ensuring that businesses not only achieve SOC 2 readiness swiftly but also maintain it consistently.
  • Can Vanta adapt to evolving SOC 2 standards?
    Absolutely! Vanta’s platform undergoes regular updates to align with the dynamic nature of SOC 2 standards, ensuring sustained compliance.


In the cybersecurity landscape, CISOs are overwhelmed and understaffed, with Vanta’s Control Plane, maintaining a strong security posture has never been simpler. Now that improving control coverage is easier, you are able to seek coveted certifications like SOC 2 to build your customer’s trust and sell your product.  Vanta, with its comprehensive features and BD Emerson's unparalleled expertise, offers businesses a clear and efficient path to this goal. Together, they promise a SOC 2 readiness journey that's not just efficient, but also empowering.

At BD Emerson, we understand how important achieving SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance is to your company and your prospected customers. Our team of experts can assist you with your compliance certification journey and enhance your organization’s security posture. If you are considering achieving SOC 2, ISO 27000 series, GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA compliance, we can support your initiative and minimize time to complete the process. Contact us now at or by reach out to the author at

Why Every CISO Should Consider Vanta as the Control Pane for Their Security Program

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